Professional Color Sealing Services in St. Charles, Geneva & Elgin, IL

Grout Color Sealing allows for your grout to have a new clean grout surface without needing to replace the grout in most cases. After your floor or wall has been steam cleaned and rinsed, a proprietary, color penetrating seal will be applied by hand to give your grout a fresh new look and protection for your grout. This will help make the grout uniform in color and helps prevent future discoloration, while providing you an easier way to maintain your grout from daily or weekly cleaning.

Grout Color Sealing is important because it seals off the porous grout and won't allow liquids, dirt, and grime to penetrate before you have a chance to clean up those spills that may happen. There are many benefits to applying grout stain besides reducing the amount of porous properties. One is that it is going to reduce any further grout staining and will give new life and look to those grout joints that may have been unsightly for years.

Color Seal is going to remove the appearance of any stains that could have happened in the past. Moisture is going to become more difficult to build up in and around the surface with color sealing. In rooms that have a lot of steam and humidity, a lot of moisture can get into the grout and under destroy the tiles.

Grout that is recolored with our color seal stain is a lot easier to clean than unsealed grout. Once the grout has been color sealed, it should be cleaned and maintained with a ph neutral cleaner. By properly cleaning the grout you will notice that the grout will stay in better condition for a longer period after applying our color seal stains.

The overall cost is going to be more efficient with a stain sealer over the grout. Grout tends to wear away more quickly when it is not color sealed, so it will crack, discolor, and become hard to manage. This will force you to replace the grout more often than if it was color sealed, leading to higher costs overall. By adding a grout stain sealer, grout color sealing companies are ensuring the grout will benefit your floor for a longer period and will look new again. Get proffesional color sealing services in St. Charles, Geneva or Elgin, IL.

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